The Threat From the Deep


The Voyage from Sutherport according to Lucien

Ashenport is empty when we return, so we leave for a town called Sutherport. We walk for days. Rhove is still unsteady. Something is wrong. He’s never taken this long to get better after a fight. When we get to Sutherport, we go to the temple to find out what’s wrong. The man there says Rhove was cursed. It probably happened when he was touched by the old man who lived under Ashenport. The one that made the crab-people. Does that mean Rhove will turn into crab-people? The man at the temple says he can lift the curse if Rhove spends the night in the temple. I’m glad. I don’t want Rhove to turn into crab-people. Rhove asks if there are any lady nurses.

We go to talk to a man in a lighthouse. He doesn’t know about crab people, but he tells us lots of other things and Francis writes them in a book. Then we go to the tavern. There is a sea captain who looks like he has been there for a very long time. He tells us he was attacked by sea dragons, but agrees to take us to Port Chancer anyway. We drink with the sea captain and Brynhilde plays her flute. She says she only knows one song, but she plays it very well so she plays it three more times. When the bar closes, Rhove goes to the temple to rest, but they won’t let me in. I sleep on the steps.

Rhove is looking better in the morning. We find the sea captain. He’s not as drunk as he was last night and the ship is bigger than the ferry we took to Ashenport. This is good. Especially if there are sea dragons. The voyage is good until someone points out that something very big is following us and the crew starts to get scared. We try to outrun the underwater thing, but it catches up with us anyway. Tentacles come out of the water. They are very big tentacles. The biggest tentacles I’ve ever seen. Rhove won’t like this. I look around, but I can’t find him anywhere. So I attack one of the tentacles. I don’t hurt it very much, but I’m sure I will if I keep attacking and Brynhilde seems to be having more luck with her axe. I hear Dandlebar telling the captain that this is an octopus, not a dragon. The captain doesn’t seem happy.

It gets warmer. I turn and see that Francis has set one of the tentacles on fire. The tentacles slowly go back into the water and the octopus swims away. Francis should set things on fire more often.

When we arrive in Port Chancer, we take our leave of the captain and some men from the watch come to bind our weapons. They call it peace-bonding. We leave the harbor and make our way into the city.




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