Brynhilde Vigulf

Bardbarian Extraordinaire!


Hair: Blonde, short but well-styled Eyes: Brown Height: 5ft11 Build: Average (which is slightly scrawny for a barbarian) Age: 19 Trait: Polite


Brynhilde is a barbarian by birth and a bard by trade. Her family has been composed of barbarians for centuries; The Vigulf clan (meaning battle-wolf) is known for its famously fearsome and heroic barbarians. Therefore, Brynhilde was trained from a very young age to use her (very short) temper as a weapon as well as in the art of the battle axe. However, Brynhilde never felt like she fit in. She was never good at intimidation, as she feels bad about scaring people unless they do harm to her. She is also vainer than the average barbarian, and will fly into a rage quite easily if anything messes up her hair.

She became a bard one year ago, when a flute-playing musician stopped by her village to share his music. He was run out by a crowd of raging barbarians, and in his rush to escape left his flute behind. Brynhilde found it and became fascinated with the instrument. She started to excuse herself more often to “practice her battle axe”, to the surprise of her parents, who had always known her to be a reluctant barbarian (of course, she would use this time to hone her self-taught flute skills). Questions were raised when her barbarian skills did not improve, and Brynhilde finally admitted to her parents that she was planning to become a bard, bringing shame on the family name. She was disowned by her parents and chased out of her village with only her battle axe, flute and a few basic supplies. Exiled, she decided to become a traveling bard, despite her lack of skill. She has been on the road for a few months now, and her unusual appearance as a bard and attitude has lead to the residents of many towns remembering “that odd barbarian girl who plays the flute like she’s tone-deaf” or simply, “the bardbarian” – a title which Brynhilde has wholeheartedly adopted. She hopes that her bard skills will improve soon so she can try some of the fancy magic she realized was associated with her flute when she accidentally hypnotized someone. She also hopes that her family will one day accept her as she is. She is surprisingly upbeat about the whole situation, seeing it as an opportunity to learn about the world beyond her village.

Most notably her travels took her to Port Chancer, where she befriended a crew of bards who were charmed by her odd appearance. These bards were named Davey, Curly and Miranda. She developed quite a crush on Davey and his flouncy, embellished manner of speech. She has Miranda to thank for teaching her the intricacies of the flute.

She ended up the prisoner of a crazy lizard-worshiping cult when she accidentally stumbled into the halls of their dungeon-like meeting place in Clifftop. Her diplomatic skills failed completely at preventing her from being locked up. She’s now pretty certain the creepy cultists wanted to sacrifice her, and she’s definitely grateful that someone rescued her and that she now has more people to keep her out of trouble. She recently received a letter from her parents saying that they would only accept her back into the family if she proved to be a hero. Therefore, Brynhilde decided to hang around with these adventurer-types. Besides, it’s better than traveling alone!

Brynhilde Vigulf

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