The shadowy orchestrator of the Clifftop invasion


You encountered the man who calls himself Casavir in a dread temple beneath the town of Clifftop, at the end of a maze of enemies and traps. At first he seemed just human, but he demonstrated strange abilities as you fought, and revealed a nest of blue-purple tentacles at the base of his neck, that he could extend through his mouth and fire poisoned darts. You’ve seen nothing of the sort before, but it is clear he means to pass as wholly human, and could be very dangerous if left to infiltrate Gardanian society.

Upon your finding his sanctum, he seemed almost offended that you dared to interrupt his plans, and he fled when the battle turned in your favour – leaving you to a watery grave as his underground dungeon flooded. You escaped, but saw no sign of him on our way to the surface. You are sure, however, that you will meet him again – he assured you of such. All you are left with to investigate is his name and the unknown sigil that is a mark of who…or what…is his master.


The Threat From the Deep zakkain