Dandlebar Laddylong "The Mad"

gnome wizard crazy mad


Originating from the Cloakwood, from a small village called Redleaf, Dandlebar (or Dan to his friends) trained to use magic from a very young age. Said to be very gifted in these arts, it was divined that, one day, he would go on to perform a incredible feat and his name was to be known across the land. This feat was to determine the fate of many people and, therefore, the more time he spent in the village, the more likely people’s lives would be endangered. As soon as he was old enough he was thrown out of his village, never to return until he had brought glory to Gnome-kind. For many years he trained and traveled, helping who he could, hoping that when he saw this ‘incredible feat’ he would know it to be his destiny.

His latest task that was assigned to him was to find an adventurer, a certain Barbarian, who he had heard was last headed to Clifftop. He was instructed to give this adventurer a letter, which he was forbidden to read.

Though maybe a bit… eccentric, Dan is a Gnome who is true to his word, and he has a good heart. He kept his promise and headed to Clifftop with the letter.

Dandlebar Laddylong "The Mad"

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