Gibbering Mouther

An amorphous blob of eyes, mouths, and flesh


A gibbering mouther is a horrible creature seemingly drawn from a lunatic’s nightmares. Although not evil, it thirsts after bodily fluids and seems to prefer the blood of intelligent creatures. It can speak Common, but most often spouts nothing but mad ravings and gibberish. You encountered* a Gibbering Mouther in the underwater caves beneath Ashenport – presumably it was a servant of the creature living in the cavern – a fearsome tool of Thoon’s will.

*ENCOUNTERED = WAS EATEN BY. And you can’t imagine the slime. Oh, the slime. It’s just slime everywhere. Then, there’s the pulsating organs all around you. They seem to morph and squeeze randomly, presumably as the creature moves as it attempts to eat your friends, too. Then, there’s the movement itself, which is a sickening, roiling motion. It’s all unpleasantly warm, and orifices seem to open and close randomly all around you. The walls (“skin”, rather) seem to be made of gooey rubber cement, except that the drip fluid (er, a rubber cement is a putty-like substance I read about once… in an otherworldy book at the back of the library). -F.

Gibbering Mouther

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