human, ranger, 5 ft. 7, fair-haired with red streaks, brown/green multi-purpose durable clothing. Age: 27, trait: insanely driven


Str: 15 (2) Dex: 15 (2) Con: 15 (2) Int: 13 (1) Wis: 14 (2) Cha: 10 (0)

AC: 14

Saves Fort: 6 Reflex: 6 Will: 3

HP (full): 28

Weapons: Longbow, Scimitar, Dagger (throwing and piercing)and possibly some Ranger spells? not sure. Armour: leathers

Note: According to the Player’s Handbook, she’s allowed to have an animal companion at Level 4. if that is the case, she’s got a Coyote companion named Corina.


Saskia originates from a small farming town close to the Awin Idris river, two days ride from Inverrin. The town was fairly isolated and so they established their own agricultural system of farming, diverting water, gathering healing herbs, hunting for food, and basically becoming as self-sufficient as they could by ‘living off the land.’ Most of the people in the town are born into farming families and will stay that way for the rest of their lives, but there are a few fighting masters and scholars who train the people in the town who have potential to learn other skills. In this manner, Saskia was trained from a young age to learn about the environment, about dealing with wild animals, healing and combat.

About five years ago, Saskia’s village was attacked by a host of Aberrations who destroyed all of the village’s crops, dried up the irrigation rivers the people had constructed, and burned down most of the homes. Most of the poeple in the village were killed, including Saskia’s family and friends. She survived because she was out of town, coming back from a trip to Cloakwood to study the healing herbs in the forest. When Saskia saw the devastation of her village, she swore that she would go and kill every Aberration should could find.

She travelled for five years across Gardania, heading through the Lowlands, killing Aberrations as she went. She tried to avoid killing anyone or anything else at ALL costs but has sometimes accidentally killed innocents, causing her a lot of guilt.

Two years into her mission, she made her way to Port Chancer, where she ran out of money and food and ended up talking to a man whom she thought could find her a place to stay and a job.He seemed very nice, but she didn’t know he was a local Pimp and narrowly escaped a bad situation when a woman named Azucena whisked her away to safety, on her boat. Azucena was a Gyptian, one of a group of people who travel mostly by boat on oceans and rivers, never staying in one place, making their living by trading. Azucena gave her food, shelter and work on her Gyptian boat, and for about two years, Saskia lived happily with the Gyptians. She fell in love with one of them, Thomas, and, along with Azucena, he made her question the validity of her quest.

Since the Gyptians do not belong to one land, they remain politically neutral and peaceful, always. They do not take sides. They told her that her quest was causing her more pain than it was worth, and for a while, they could agree to disagree. But when Thomas asked her to marry him, Saskia realized that she had to leave the Gyptians. She loved them, especially Thomas, but realized they couldn’t see eye to eye about her mission. So, with serious doubts, she travelled to (don’t know the name of the place where I met you guys!1)where she knew there would be more Aberrations to hunt down and kill.

She still remains driven, but now she wonders if she’s lost more than she’s gained with her mission. She wonders if she can consider herself a ‘good person’ when she’s killed innocents and hurt more in the name of her quest. Even though she’ll never admit it, she thinks about Thomas, Azucena and the Gyptians often.


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