Blueshine Chainmail

A finely-made set of chainmail


Blueshine confers a +2 bonus to Hide checks. In addition, the armor (not the wearer) is impervious to acid and rusting effects.

This set of Blueshine Chainmail has a +1 armor bonus. It has a -4 Armor Check penalty and a maximum dexterity modifier bonus of +2, just like masterwork chainmail.


This very-well made set of chain mail glistens with a blue-black sheen, as if it were covered in oily liquid sapphires. It also has an aura of defensive magicks. When you put it on it fits well and allows you to blend into shadowy areas better than normal metal armor. Where and by who it was manufactured is unknown, but it is unlike anything you have seen in the lands of Gardania, though maybe merchants in Port Chancer might know more.

Blueshine Chainmail

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