Knockback Axe

A massive, heavy axe

weapon (melee)

This magic axe has an attack bonus of +1 due to being of masterwork quality, and deals 1d8 damage with a critical threat of 20/x3. It has a magical function that can be activated three times per day as a swift action: A creature hit with the axe in the round it has been activated is pushed back from the wielder 5 feet, with a DC 19 Fortitude save to negate.


This axe weighs substantially more than it looks, and it looks to be made of a singular piece of steel, hilt and all. The pommel is shaped in the likeness of a ram’s head. It is a masterwork weapon that has been enchanted with offensive magicks. It was taken from the body of a prisonmaster in thrall to Casavir, a shadowy operative of unknown parties who was behind the attack on Clifftop.

Knockback Axe

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