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  • Blueshine Chainmail

    This very-well made set of chain mail glistens with a blue-black sheen, as if it were covered in oily liquid sapphires. It also has an aura of defensive magicks. When you put it on it fits well and allows you to blend into shadowy areas better than normal …

  • Knockback Axe

    This axe weighs substantially more than it looks, and it looks to be made of a singular piece of steel, hilt and all. The pommel is shaped in the likeness of a ram’s head. It is a masterwork weapon that has been enchanted with offensive magicks. It was …

  • Githborn Amulet

    A grey stone amulet suspended on a leather string, this talisman provides protection from and knowledge of creatures from the Far Realms.

  • Tome of Worldly Memory

    This small book is bound in hammered silver and is engraved with all the continents of the world. It was a treasured resource to Wimrick the Sage, who thought it might useful to Francis, whom he recognized as a fellow seeker of lost knowledge.

  • Ring of the Darkhidden

    Presumably forged far beneath the earth in places that never see the light of the sun, the Ring of the Darkhidden is a black band, inscribed with dozens of closed eyes. Its magic conceals the wearer from creatures that do not rely on the sun to see.

  • Headband of Conscious Effort

    This red cloth headband is imbued with magics that focus the mind and sharpens one's mental defenses. The creator was often fond of saying "mind over matter".

  • Radiant Sphere

    This sphere was given to you by Aulnor, the head priest of Avandra in Clifftop. He acquired it when in Inverrin, at the mighty Cathedral to Avandra there. A potent item, it provides a channel for Avandra's power, shedding light where there is darkness and …

  • Artificer's Monocle

    You found this brass monocle in Casavir's study, in a trapped chest. It is inscribed with arcane sigils of identification, and is a prized item for loremasters and arcanists alike.

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