All of the feats from the Player’s Handbook apply. A handy online list of those feats can be found on http://d20srd.org

In addition, feats from other books are posted here for easy access. These additional feats are worth a good look, as the reason they’re included is because other content from the books they’re from is included in the campaign – especially worth a look if you’re playing a class or planning on taking a prestige class that isn’t in the core books.

CLICK ME for a pdf of feats that prepare you for battle with Aberrations, evil cults, or if you’re interested in one day becoming a Keeper of the Cerulean Sign

CLICK ME for a pdf of feats that will steel your soul against the influence of the Taint, or perhaps allow you to harness its power. Also read if you’re interested in being an Archivist, or one day becoming a Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine, a Corrupt Avenger, or an Abolisher

CLICK ME for a pdf full of combat feats to enhance anyone’s combat effectiveness. Learn vicious tactics, stunning maneuvers, and esoteric disciplines.

Note: I am aware that there’s a shit-ton of different options listed on this page. Probably well over 100 feats in total. If you want advice, help, or opinions, I’m here to help you make the right choices, level by level.


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