General Geography

Our campaign is, for now, set in the Kingdom of Gardania, a wealthy nation in the southern portion of Elos. Gardania is bordered on the North-East by the Idris Mountains, and on the North-West by what is simply known as the Western Forest. Gardania has access to both the Southern Sea and the Lynfirth Straight, two bodies of water that connect it to the lands north of Cadair Deos, the Chair of the Gods – a massive mountain peak at the Northernmost end of the Idris Mountains.

The Snakemouth, the winding river that separates the plainlands from the lowlands and marshes in the south, as well as the Cloakwood, is a slow waterway that serves to connect the highlands to the sea. Meeting the Snakemouth is the mighty Awin Idris, the River of the Mountains, which flows from Cadair Deos through the lands of Gardania. At the joining of these two rivers lies Inverrin, the capital, nestled in the heart of Gardania’s fertile plain.

Near the foothills of the lower Idris Mountains lies Strathmaer, the court of the Plainslords: a league of minor nobles who pay fealty to the greater nobility who gather in Inverrin. This league of wealthy farmers balance the influence of the merchant lobbies in the court of the Stone Palace.

The lowlands in the south are not suited for farming, and as such they are more sparsely inhabited, with the populace concentrated in cities rather than spread about the land. They do, however, have ubiquitous access to the sea, allowing for trade with nations and peoples the rest of Gardania cannot. As such, many of the merchant powers in Gardania are located in the sprawling coastal city of Port Chancer, a major hub of foreign trade. Suffice it to say, the folk of the plains don’t like the city-dwellers of the lowlands. Much of the conflict Gardania experiences in this time of peace is in fact between the Plainslords and the Chancers (the merchant lords).

Beyond Gardania’s borders to the North lies the Empire of Antennum, or simply “The Empire”. A vast and ancient entity, the Empire has stood for thousands of years, weathering the Waxing and Wanings of time. Gardania is on good terms with the Empire, whose leaders view Gardania as little more than a wild nation beyond their farthest borders. However, the southern borders of the Empire are thousands of miles from the capital city, and its influence is rarely felt. Because of this, the northern borders of Gardania are often dangerous and savage frontiers, suffering incursions from orcish or goblinoid tribes, and sometimes nastier things. Across the Southern Sea lie lush and exotic lands, where nomadic tribes and ancient cities of lizardfolk border more “civilized” kingdoms. It is with these cultures that Gardania trades, mostly through Port Chancer.

General Geography

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