Spells again work the same as always. For all the information on spells, again visit the d20 SRD and poke around a little: http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/spellLists.htm

However, there are spells from beyond the Core books that you have access to as well, as Wizards and Sorcerers, Clerics, Druids, Bards and Archivists, and the gamut of prestige classes. Read the pdfs below and consider the spells within to be part of your normal spell lists, provided you meet the specific requirements of the spell.

CLICK ME to view an ancient PDF of magick that you can muster to battle with Aberrations, evil cults, or if you’re interested in one day becoming a Keeper of the Cerulean Sign

CLICK ME to view an ancient PDF of magick that will allow you to fend off the influence of the Taint, or perhaps allow you to channel it. Also read if you calling is the path of the Archivist, or perhaps one day a Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine, a Corrupt Avenger, or an Abolisher

CLICK ME to view a vast and ancient PDF of magick that will take you to dizzying heights of arcane power. Perfect for budding archmages, sorcerers, wizards, clerics, druids and more. More spells for everyone!


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