The Threat From The Deep!

This site contains all the information you need to play. Look at the links to classes, feats, house rules, and other options you have. Unlike in The Kingdom of Light, we’re using more than just the Core rulebooks to play the game. As you don’t have access to these books, all the pertinent information I have copied and organized on this site – I also link to the D20 System Reference Document – a complete online repository of the Core rules of D&D. Between this site and you shall not falter!

A few notes about starting the campaign:

  • If you read only one thing this summer, READ THE HOUSE RULES PAGE. It is vital you do this and understand and agree to the rules we’re playing by.
  • This is D&D, not “Zak owns your asses every Saturday & Dragons”, so feel free, nay, obliged to offer your own ideas about what is good, what is bad, what could be better, what would make this more awesome, etcetera. This is your game too.
  • Following from that, since we are running a Heroic Horror campaign, there is a “contract” of sorts you the players and I the DM must agree to: Click Here

Notes on Making Your Characters

  • I don’t require any extraordinary level of detail in your backstories, but to help you here are several things to keep in mind
  • Not everything about your characters is combat-oriented. I encourage you to give them each some likes, dislikes, phobias, loves, family connections, and existing enemies or friends
  • I suggest you create sociable, fairly well-adjusted characters – if you want to play an evil character it might be tough to roleplay some situations, and the other party members might not have any reasons to tolerate you. By the same token, loners in a horror campaign are tough to roleplay, as there’s nothing you’re afraid of and no reason to continue adventuring or investigating
  • On the other hand, playing a morally-grey character are LOADS of fun. Maybe you’re the chaotic neutral warlock who the others must travel with because you know your way around the dungeons, or maybe you’re the grim warrior who takes his hatred of a chosen enemy a little too far (a prime example of the Corrupt Avenger prestige class).
  • As much as you want to be a motley band of misfits, pleaaaase consider some semblance of normalcy. Please remember: just because you’re human, elf, or dwarf doesn’t mean that’s not interesting. The game will be much harder on you (not to mention more frustrating for you) if you guys are just as monstrous as the monsters you’ll be fighting.
  • In the Classes page there’s a list of classes you can play – beyond the Core classes, there are several others I’ve picked from sourcebooks I’m using. They link to pdfs you can download detailing their statistics and abilities.

One Last Rule:

Beyond all the varied powers and abilities at your disposal, each of you has one more. This is the power of imagination. Corny as it sounds, this is the most important thing to remember. Do not be restricted by the rulebooks in what you think you can and cannot do. If you want to do something that’s not in the rules, say so and we’ll make it happen. Creativity is rewarded. Swing on chandeliers, knock over tables as cover, piledrive goblins down mineshafts and shield-bash zombies into fireplaces. You have the power.

Now go read the wiki, peruse the other links, and think about who you want to be when nameless horrors rise from the depths…

The Threat From the Deep

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